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Philip Krista, an internationally recognized spey casting instructor, offers several levels of classes for those interested in “classic” spey casting. Classes range from a six-hour beginners class to individually tailored tutoring for the enthusiast who wants to become an expert. How easy is it? Just click here to find out from a student.

10-Hours with lunch provided
$1,000 for from one to two students and $500 for the third student

Learn the components of long rod fishing whether for the fast action two-handed rod, traditonal two-handed spey rod or classic two handed sey rod. You'll learn how to carry and hold a rod; basic movements for casting; important knots for fishing, and the historical overview of the art of casting. You'll perform actual casting in a field with a special device called a “grass catcher” as well as witness the professional demonstration of single handed, double handed and other basic but important casts with a rod.

10-Hours on a river with lunch provided
Price is same as Beginner Class

Review everything in the beginners class, then learn: additional knots for fishing; how to assemble the long rod fishing system including backing, line, leader, marking line; how to care for your rod, and proper execution of the important casts by mastering line control, timing, economy of energy and proper size of casting loops. This class takes place not in a field, but on a river.

10-Hours on a large river with lunch provided
$1,000 per student, maximum of three

PREREQUISITES: Each student must be excellent with a one-handed fly rod and experienced with a two handed fly rod. Students must have their own “classic” two-handed spey rod.
Learn each of the casts and the individual components of each cast with emphasis on continuous control of every facet of execution. When you have completed this class, nothing will be left to chance in your long rod casting adventures. Those who achieve this level are one step away from the sublime, which is achieved at the next level of instruction.

$1,500 per day
May be part of a destination trip

The “Mother of All Long Rod Casting Classes,” private tutoring, allows you to tweak your casting and fishing skills so that you can fish with the kings of the sport. You'll have the privilege of handling classic spey rods up to 200 years old — possibly a Greenhart, a Hardy, a Leonard or a Krista. You'll learn the secret of the 15'-3” length and real silk lines. When you have completed this level of instruction, you will be a classic long rod fly fisher and privy to the greatest insights in this fine art.

Remember ...

“The reason for pursuing virtuosity in spey fishing is that you will catch more fish in a more enjoyable fashion all the time.”

Philip Krista

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